Breakouts with TRG ARTS

TRG Arts (The Results Group for the Arts) is an international, data-driven consulting firm that teaches arts marketers, fundraisers and executive leaders a patron and loyalty-based approach to increasing sustainable revenue. Experts in the arts sector for more than 20 years, TRG Arts has gained a reputation for achieving results and building successful business models for non-profit and commercial arts organizations. TRG Arts is an industry pioneer in areas including audience loyalty development, membership and the subscription model, and dynamic pricing.​

Box Office Track

The Box Office is Dead. What are you going to do about it?

TRG Arts Facilitator: Kate Hagen, Senior Consultant

In this digital age, box office staff frequently spend more time as tech support than selling tickets. With over 70% of ticket sales now occurring online, many ticketing platforms would lead you to believe that there isn’t a need for a box office anymore. 


Before you hire Siri and Alexa to manage your call center, the box office track will explore the central role these front line staff play in managing patron relationships – from first-time ticket buyers to your most invested major donors – and why, now more than ever, it is critically important to do so. We’ll identify real-world opportunities to enhance the patron experience with hospitality, and strategic tactics to grow earned and contributed revenues at the point-of-sale.



Marketing Track

Marketing: Creating Friends with Benefits. 

TRG Arts Facilitator: Keri Mesropov, Vice President of Client Services

Once upon a time, it was a fund-raisers job alone to create bountiful bonds with patrons. In the “now,” building high-returning relationships is everyone’s job in the world of arts administration. After all, the subscription model isn’t dead. It is our marketing superstars who cultivate single ticket buyers into loyal subscribers - ripening these patrons to be “donor-and-advocate-ready.” 


But is your marketing department ready?


Join the marketing track to explore the essential evolution of marketing’s role in your institution. No longer is it just marketing’s job to sell. No longer can marketing and development strive for separate goals: We must build strategic initiatives and creative campaigns that work in alignment. And rely on data to catapult relationships that will have your organization in the black with predictability. 



Development Track

Sustainable Cultivation for the Netflix Age

TRG Arts Facilitator: Jim DeGood, Director of Client Services

In an age where entertainment is impersonal yet personalized, and choices are ever-growing and on-demand, how do savvy arts administrators build and cultivate meaningful relationships with patrons beginning with the very first transaction? It’s no longer enough to rely on a major gifts program to fund the new and innovative works, or to close a budget gap.


Is your development team ready for 360-degree cultivation?


The development track will explore how important cultivation of relationships within your organization is as externally. Patron engagement trends are changing, and our own messaging must change along with our patrons. In acknowledgement of these changes, we will use data to build cultivation plans for small-, mid-, and major donors, and will integrate this important cultivation work with the critical need to grow contributed revenues sustainably. 



Executive Track

Leading Teams that Get Results

TRG Arts Facilitator: Anita Hansen, Senior Consultant

Results require strategic investments in your organization’s time and money. As the chief strategist, your leadership is the most powerful tool to leverage those resources. Are you leading a unified team? In the arts administration model of always having more opportunities than resources, do your team members have clarity on their best yes?


Join the executive track to explore an integrated, accountable, and customer-focused leadership model for teams that drive results. Topics include:

  • Making realistic commitments and consistently keeping them

  • Creating incentives and physical places for teams to work in an integrated way

  • Ensuring cross-departmental/integrated objectives are set and monitored

  • Ensuring individuals and teams own their targets and are accountable for their results

  • Placing the customer at the core of the business and aligning activities to the customer’s needs

  • Measuring key customer metrics to ensure positive results

Meet your Breakout Leaders

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Keri Mesropov leads TRG’s team of consultants and database and analytics specialists who work on behalf of the firm’s clients throughout North America and abroad.  She also serves as lead consultant for scores of clients including Chicago Symphony, New York City Ballet, and Boston Ballet.  Her own work and the consulting, database management, and business intelligence services she now presides over have generated millions of revenue dollars—earned and contributed—for opera, dance, and theater companies, orchestras, arts centers and festivals.  Keri manages TRG’s counsel on integrated patron loyalty programs, bringing together colleague departments across organization silos to build stronger, longer paid patronage.  

Before coming to TRG, Keri worked for 17 years as an arts administrator in marketing and development. Her career in dance administration includes eight years as director of marketing and public relations for Colorado Ballet, and five years with The Washington Ballet where she first served as director of marketing and communications and then as director of external affairs overseeing both earned and contributed income. Keri has also freelanced for various companies including Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg, Trey McIntyre Project and served as associate director of marketing for Washington Performing Arts Society in Washington, DC. Originally from Colorado, Keri holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Nebraska.

Keri Mesropov
Vice President of Client Services

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Jim DeGood is vice president, North America at TRG Arts where he leads a talented team of consultants and analysts, continually challenges and advances TRG best practice counsel with feedback from clients, and innovates how TRG’s unique consulting methodology can connect with the field. Jim joined TRG Arts in 2013 as a senior consultant and became director of client services in 2015, where he managed a team of analysts who worked to expand TRG’s ability to service clients more effectively and efficiently. During his time at TRG, Jim has worked with a variety of clients including Guthrie Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and Lincoln Center.

Jim has 22 years of experience in performing arts management, including marketing and executive leadership posts at the Unicorn Theatre, Lyric Opera of Kansas City, Kansas City Symphony, and Kansas City Repertory Theatre. Additionally, he directed the performing arts grant programs for the Mid-America Arts Alliance. Jim holds a master’s degree in Arts Administration from Goucher College.

Jim’s love for the arts is rooted in the visceral way in which the arts help to uncover various aspects of the human experience and how they can help each of us understand ourselves in a way that is less veiled and more honest than everyday conversation.

Jim DeGood

Director of Client Services

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Anita Hansen is a senior consult with TRG Arts where she takes a direct role in equipping and engaging organizations through the skills of marketing, fundraising, communications, advertising, and leadership with the purpose of growing a more resilient organization. Since joining TRG in 2011, Anita has worked with clients in Canada and the United States including Center Theatre Group, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, The Citadel Theatre, Tuacahn Center for the Arts, Washington Pavilion, Stages Repertory Theatre, and the Winspear Centre/Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. In addition, Anita oversees TRG Arts Center for Results which provides strategic and tactical group-based consulting sessions to arts administrators across all multiple genres.

Prior to her work at TRG, Anita spent thirteen years in marketing and development leadership roles with Long Beach Symphony Orchestra. 

Anita’s love for the arts began early in life as a musician. By the time she reached college at Baylor University she had a vision of turning that passion into a full-time gig through the path of an arts administrator. Twenty-five years into that career the deep appreciation for how arts expresses and connects our humanity is stronger than ever.

Anita Hansen

Senior Consultant

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Kate Hagen combines her love of data and arts marketing in her role as a senior consultant at TRG Arts. Since joining TRG in 2014, she has coached a wide variety of arts and cultural leaders throughout the US, UK, and Canada on revenue and loyalty growth. As a senior consultant, Kate sees here role as customizing best practice approaches to match an organization’s unique identity and mission, fostering an environment of creative problem solving and resource management, and as a thought partner in developing and coaching staff. 

Prior to her work at TRG, Kate led numerous patron retention initiatives as the marketing manager at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. She also led loyalty initiatives in previous positions at the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Delaware Symphony. Originally from Pennsylvania, Kate earned her a bachelor’s degree in music with concentrations in piano performance and musicology from Elizabethtown College.

Kate Hagen

Senior Consultant

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